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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wasabi Sauce

what does it taste like?


La Couturier said...

I'm personally not a fan (: I like my sushi plain, or just with soy sauce!

La C.

preppygoesrock said...

actually its really good especially with sushi imo but its an acquired taste so not all like it!

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cryystal.ball said...

Thanks cause I hate soy is this sweeter? :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hmmm? Never had it myself before either.. and I'm with you on Soy, not my fave. I do however LOVE duck sauce! ;)

x, thank you

Rach said...

I think it burns. Like it is so strong that my nose stings when I eat it.
But it does taste good with sushi.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Not a fan either. If you like horseradish, this might be your thing (it's sharper though).

cryystal.ball said...

thanks for the info you made me want to try it now :)

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

It tastes wonderful and I'm thinking of sushis now!!! huhu

too bad I'm pregnant!!

Hey, want to exchange links?

Take care, xoxox

mark said...

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Elle said...

its amazing! and if your sick, it cures all! flushes it all out!! Dont go for a huge chunk at first tho.. ease your taste-buds into it.