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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dark Dungeons

Vampires, red lipstick and Mary-Kate bring back Goth in a cool new, not completely ominous, dark light.

Yeah I just bought the Twilight Saga set of books today. A little late but that's OK. And Vampire Diaries? Yep just started that this afternoon. iTunes is very convenient for us "late" people. I never like digging into trends when they're fresh, it's more fun this way....

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Jessica said...

mk + red lipstick is spooky great! cullen is one hot man piece!

Fashion Chalet said...

I'm halfway into the book myself ;) I think I'm slowly and at the same time (wuickly) falling for Edward as well.

I also love V. Diaries and recently started it. What ep are you on? I just finished ep. 8 the other day.. 162 candles.

Stefan is dreamy!!